Submission for 2023 is possible from the start of registration until 25.08.2023

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Here you will find up-to-date information on conference topics, submission deadlines, templates and the peer-review process.


What are the contribution opportunities for the KT Colloquium?
A contribution for the KT Colloquium can be structured according to two levels of maturity:

A. Research idea / concept (maturity level I)
B. Research result (maturity level II)

The research idea or concept (A.) is based on an outline with a maximum length of two pages. This outline should include a brief summary for the Book of Abstracts, a problem statement outlining the significance of the research proposal, a focused state of the art/science, and a specific approach to solving the problem.

Research Results (B.) are submitted as an abstract with a maximum length of two pages aswell. This contribution option is specifically aimed at doctoral students who are about to present their disputation or who want to present a completed research project. Also in the case of research results, only the abstracts are taken for the Book of Abstracts. If the paper is to be submitted to the journal Konstruktion for the review process after the KT Colloquium, this should be noted when registering for the KT Colloquium so that feedback can be as targeted as possible.

More detailed information on the specifications of the magazine Konstruktion can be found at the following links:
Konstruktion: notes for authors
Konstruktion: author guidelines

Important for the KT contribution: All rights to the publication remain with the author. Contributions in English and German are welcome. Please send the final abstracts, presentations and short profiles of the referent via e-mail to:

template contribution:

Please use the following format template for your contribution..

template short profile referent:

Please also provide a short profile of yourself..

Please note that submissions must adhere to the appropriate page numbers. The hosts of the KT Colloquium commit themselves to follow the guidelines of good scientific practices and the COPE-guidelines. Please see the colloquium’s Publications Ethics and Malpractice Statement Publications Ethics and Malpractice Statement for more information.

What do the sessions look like?
Depending on the maturity of the contribution, different presentation durations are provided. Research ideas and concepts (I) will be presented to the auditorium in a 10 minute presentation. This is followed by 10 minutes of discussion. For research results (II), a presentation time of 30 minutes is specified, followed by a 10-minute discussion. In addition, a wide variety of networking formats such as world cafés or workshops for PhD students are planned. The topics for the workshops can be found in the conference schedule. Workshop registration is via the registration form.


Submissions concerning the methods and tools, from theoretical concepts to implemented solutions, computations and simulations of the following topics are requested: