Submission for 2020 will be from the 1st of April 2020!

Sustainable product development

Here you will find up-to-date information on conference topics, submission deadlines, templates and the peer-review process.


Papers in both English and German are welcome. The submissions are peer-reviewed by the program committee and published in a conference transcript. Full papers are submitted using the conference management system (German language only). A template for the conference transcript and the book of abstract can be viewed here:Template-KT2020. Please note that submissions can be a maximum of 12 pages long, including images and references. The hosts of the KT-Colloquium commit themselves to follow the guidelines of good scientific practices and the COPE-guidelines. Please see the colloquium’s Publications Ethics and Malpractice Statement Publications Ethics and Malpractice Statement for more information.


Engineers were already using computer-based methods in product development before the terms digitalization and internet of things became omnipresent. Challenges are presented by the sheer volume of data, which has to be processed, used and archived. Submissions concerning the methods and tools, from theoretical concepts to implemented solutions, computations and simulations of the following topics are requested:

Notes regarding the peer-review process

The submissions will be reviewed in a single stage open peer review process by members of the program committee. The criteria consist of novelty, entitlement of publication, conclusiveness of results, potential for use of the information in practical applications and industry and formal criteria. The COPE-guidelines are applied.